Tuzanye game guild is a global play to earn community, which allows players to maximize their performance, by borrowing NFT assets across the metaverses.

In order to ensure a fair distribution process, Tuzanye is being managed by a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO), which consists of TGT token holders and players.

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1,000+ scholars already train with our star coaches

Roman Fomynok
Aleksei Trushliakov
Aleksandr Svysiuk
Aleksandr Dashkevych
Dmitrii Filipchuk


Elvis Kisongoch

A proud and dedicated coach at Tuzanye. He specializes in technical support, game training, and database management and is responsible for training new scholars on gameplay, data recording, and general support for the rest of the team.

Kwizera Adrian Baggio

Kwizera Adrian Baggio is a coach at Tuzanye Game Guild. He is a true team player and is responsible for managing gamers and meetings. He graduated from Makerere University and has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Fine Art.

Shaka Isaac Kiiza

Shaka Isaac is a talented gamer with a lot of passion for video games. He has a degree in Public Administration and Management. Shaka is lucky to have his family's support, as they share his passion for video games. He considers billiard to be one of his biggest hobbies.

Najjuma Norah Irene

A coach at Tuzanye Game Guild. She graduated from Makerere University and has a Bachelor's Degree in Records and Archives Management. Irene is passionate about gaming and building a strong team to establish a sustainable international guild. She is persistent and makes sure that all targets set are achieved in their time frame. Irene consistently proves that gaming is not a male-only sphere.

Timothy Tumuhairwe

A coach at Tuzanye Game Guild with great interest and passion for gaming. Timothy graduated with honors from Makerere University Business School with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. His key gaming competencies include the ability to read complex patterns and sequences.

Lenny Akena

Lenny Akena is a coach at Tuzanye Game Guild. He is responsible for NFT Account Management, Database management support & Gameplay support. Lenny always had a goal to make a career out of his hobbies, and gaming is happily one of them. He intends to grab the crypto space bull by the horns & make the most of this opportunity. He has just completed his undergraduate studies in Economics and truly believes that landing a job in gaming is beyond his wildest dreams.

Samuel Ocitti

Samuel Ocitti is a versatile go-getter with a record of rapidly entering a high volume of error-free information into the database. A performance-focused person who oversees the monitoring and evaluation of daily tokens collected. Passionate about data analytics, research, and crypto. Fluent in English, Luo, Luganda, and Korean.


Kwame Rugunda

Technology entrepreneur with an interest in emerging technologies, particularly those designed to address the challenges of global development. Graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, ex head of Binance Uganda team and Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Uganda.

Noah Baalessanvu
Jassy Kabanihiza
David Gimei Nagimesi
Alfred mutanda


Sebastien Borget
Co-Founder of The Sandbox

Entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in growing startups and more than 10 years in mobile gaming. Sebastien is most known as a COO of The Sandbox and the president of the Blockchain Game Alliance

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is currently one of the most eminent figures on the market, creating numerous opportunities to earn through play for people and a platform that provides all the educational tools and support for a person to become an earning player.

Peter Ing
Founder of Blockchain Space

Peter Ing has 15 years of experience in FinTech and remittance firms, and has been a key ambassador of Axie Infinity for the two years allowing him to build BlockchainSpace with key insights into the industry



Until the end of 2021: over 1,000 trained scholars

Q1 2022
  • Initial funding & asset acquisition
  • Staking program launch
  • 3 onboarded games
Q2 2022
  • Initial version of governance dashboard
  • Player management tools
  • Deflationary mechanism implementation via MetaDAO
Q3 2022
  • External Game DAOs
  • Non-custodial NFT lending for external DAOs
  • Additional e-sports players onboarding
Q4 2022
  • First in-house game release
  • Governance dashboard 2.0
  • Own e-sports team

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